British Boxer Thanks Entrepreneur For Saving His Career

British boxer and Southern Area Champion Michael Devine has praised entrepreneur and star of Channel 4’s ‘Get a House For Free’ Marco Robinson.

The hard-hitting lightweight retired in March this year stating that he was not getting enough back from the sport for the hours he was putting in.

With a young family to look after too, ‘Chunky’ had to assess his priorities and despite being a Southern Area Champion was exiting the sport. 

That was until businessman Marco Robinson heard the news, the two had met at a seminar previously and Robinson made the effort to call Devine whilst on a trip abroad:

“Without a doubt I wouldn’t be back in the sport if it wasn’t for Marco. We had spoken to each other at a seminar and clicked, it was only then when he heard the news whilst on holiday in Malaysia he gave me a call.

“We spoke about everything, boxing and life and he asked me what I still wanted to achieve in the sport.

“He has given me the support that every boxer needs, I won’t be able to thank him enough.

“I appreciate everyone’s support and the help my sponsors give me, Hills Physical Development have been there from the start and JP of Boxing Luton has been so good to me.

“I now have a great team around me, my manager Steve Goodwin is great, I train now with Don Charles and his stable so I’ve got good people.

“I really think a British title is realistic, I have had bad luck, injuries and been inactive but I know what I need to do now. It’s all down to me.”

The 29-year-old returns to action on the George Groves undercard in the WBSS competition at Wembley Area.
Tickets start at £50 and Michael can be contacted through his Twitter: @ChunkyLuton.