Conor McGregor Has A Prophetic Battle Warning For Floyd

Conor McGregor Has

Conor McGregor has a prophetic word of warning for his American adversary ahead of their showdown in Vegas.

Irishman Conor McGregor is often referred to ‘Mystic Mac’ for his ability to predict the outcome of fights and in particular, what round he’s going to do it in.

In his UFC career in the sport of mixed martial arts he’s done this with astounding success. Minus the first Nate Diaz fight of course.

Stepping into a professional boxing ring this weekend against Floyd Mayweather is an entirely different ball game however – but that hasn’t stopped ‘Mystic Mac’ telling every man and his dog how he’s going to close the show.

Inside four rounds has been his promise this time around, and, if you were to back that, you’d be highly rewarded with most sports books.

McGregor has long been a believer in the tool of positive visualisation too. Inspired by the reading of the book ‘The Secret’ given to him by his sister years ago.

Initially when reading it the Irishman admitted he thought the book was a load of you know what, but then overtime something clicked for him and today he credits his positive mindset and visualisation as key in his success.

Now, the morning of the fight week of the biggest fight of his life, he’s trusting in similar methodologies once again, telling Floyd Mayweather on Instagram the following – in the start of fight week mind games no doubt:

“Wake up Floyd. It’s all over.”

(Top image source and credit: @thenotoriousmma Instagram)