Boxrec Pound For Pound Top 10 Somehow Includes Jeff Horn

boxrec pound for pound

Yes pound for pound is debatable, but this Boxrec pound for pound list should give you a good laugh on a Monday in all fairness.

The popular boxing records website Boxrec appears to have stumbled on a bit if an error it seems in their latest pound for pound top 10 list.

Sure, these lists are never totally accurate anyway – no matter where they come from. That much is a given.

But with all due respect to Boxrec and indeed Jeff Horn, who put up an excellent fight against Pacquaio in last bout to win the WBO world title, sometimes you come across something that is just flat out wrong in these type of lists.

Something that jumps off the screen at you straight away as out of place, odd, peculiar.

Here is the latest Boxrec pound for pound top ten list as pointed out by writer Paul Gibson today (hat tip):

Upon close inspection you’ll see Australian Jeff Horn in position 8 following his win recently over Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao.

Indeed, Pacquiao is not what he once was but did Horn’s win honestly warrant him to go straight into the top ten pound for pound list?

Canelo at number one and Nery and Berchelt included in the top ten will also likely raise a few eyebrows with boxing fans around the world.

This is not in anyway to discredit Boxrec – every boxing writer worth his bread surely consults the site for statistics and records.

But this pound for pound list leaves a lot to be desired.

Equally, if you look up the all time pound for pound list on Boxrec it brings up this controversial list:

boxrec pound for pound

That’s a story for another day in itself.