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Mayweather Admits What He’ll Really Be Doing McGregor Fight Week

Floyd Mayweather admits what he’s going to be spending the McGregor fight week doing, showing utter contempt for the Irishman’s skills.

During the week Floyd Mayweather’s father Floyd senior – who will be in Mayweather’s corner on fight night – revealed that his son has taken training pretty easy for McGregor but told broadcaster Colin Herd that it would be:

“Good enough to be this guy (McGregor).”

They are not worried about McGregor in the slightest and when you look at things logically, why would they be in all fairness?

A guy making his pro debut at something vs the best guy of his era at that same thing doesn’t seem feasible but because so many have been interested in it, it’s actually going to happen in a little over a week.

Perhaps showing even more contempt for the threat McGregor poses to him, Floyd Mayweather admits that he’ll be spending fight week in a strip club no less every night in the run up and after it:

Indeed, Mayweather has been pushing his new lap dance club in Las Vegas hard over the last few weeks.

Taking advantage of the many eyeballs on him due to the McGregor fight.

Clearly this is little more than a payday and opportunity to promote a new local business in Las Vegas for Floyd Mayweather.

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