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Home » This Will Remind You Why Golovkin vs Canelo Is Such An Epic Fight

This Will Remind You Why Golovkin vs Canelo Is Such An Epic Fight

Golovkin vs Canelo is one of those rare fights that rolls around every now and again that reminds you why boxing is a so special.

At its worst, boxing has tormented fans over the years by not giving them the fights they wanted – when they wanted.

At its best, boxing every now and again reminds you that sometimes magic in life personified through sport can actually happen.

Contests where the winner is genuinely unknown beforehand and when two combatants meet one another at the very top of their games – to establish who really is the best in their division.

Golovkin vs Canelo is one of these but furthermore, on September 16th the winner will also propel himself up to near the elusive pound for pound top spot status.

It’s a fight that has gone under the radar a tad because of the gigantic nature of the Mayweather vs McGregor event taking place later this month on August 26th.

Nonetheless, we’re expecting to see Golovkin vs Canelo still pull massive numbers in its own right on pay per view and at the box office.

One would have thought that it should push near the 2 million pay per view buy mark in America at least.

Ahead of the fight, this new commercial reminds one that we have a truly special fight on our hands in the sport, just around the corner: