Watch: Terence Crawford Trolls McGregor Shadow Boxing Style

World junior-welterweight champion Terence Crawford trolls McGregor shadow boxing style after a clip went viral online.

With all the talk surrounding Mayweather and McGregor on August 26th – some have forgot that there’s a world title unification fight this weekend involving Terence Crawford and Julius Indongo.

It’s for all the marbles as they say too. World title belts in boxing terms. The first time that’s happened in many a year in fact.

But Mayweather-McGregor mania is everywhere and it’s almost unavoidable unless you’re living under a rock.

This recent McGregor shadow boxing style display has been all over the internet in recent days no less:

It’s been the feature of a lot of memes and video edits for it’s well, uniqueness.

The Irishman is fully committed in his belief however that the world will be shocked by his unorthodox technique come fight night.

One fighter though who isn’t convinced is Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Him and a group of his friends displayed their own version of the McGregor shadow boxing style ahead of Crawford’s fight this weekend on ESPN:

Who’s more unorthodox?

Crawford will take on Indongo live on ESPN this weekend in the US and on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland.