Mayweather On The Difference Between Him and McGregor

Floyd Mayweather on the difference as he sees it between him and McGregor – speaking ahead of their August 26th fight.

In many ways August 26th will see the classic older lion vs younger lion story line with Mayweather now nearly 41 and McGregor only turning 29 in recent weeks.

Both men it’s fair to say are at different stages of their careers and indeed their lives.

One major common theme they both seem to share in terms of characteristics is that they both like to flaunt and spend their hard earned money in public.

Mayweather when speaking in an open media forum was keen to impress upon people the difference between him and McGregor in this regard – and wanted to say to the young Irishman who has been seen renting high-end cars recently in Vegas that:

“This guy (McGregor) wanna, he wanna, see, me myself – this is genuine. This is real. This is raw. This is real. This is genuine. If anybody know me they know I’m genuine. They know I’m raw and they know I’m real. Any Lamborghini you see me in you they know I own it. Any mansion you see me in I’m you know it’s paid for. I live next door to Maluuf right here. Where we live you gotta got through two gates. Where we live is top shelf. Creme de la creme. no rented cars for training camp.” 

He went on:

“But the most important thing about my career and what I want to give knowledge to all these young fighters, even like Conor McGregor, they get their money and they want to blow everything that night of. We need to think of twenty years from now. Thirty years from now. I’m still living the same way because I made smart investments.”

Mayweather was linked with a tax issue with the IRS in the lead up to August 26th’s fight.

His handlers have since denied there is any issue at all with the IRS since the subject was highlighted by McGregor on their recent international press tour.

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