Mayweather vs McGregor and Boxing’s Credibility

Mayweather vs McGregor and Boxing's Crediblity

I have a boxing calendar hanging up in the corner of my kitchen featuring some of the greatest boxers to have ever entered the ring.

(By Gavin O’Connor and C.Henderson)

It just so happens the picture for August is of Muhammad Ali, one of the if not not the greatest boxer of all time.

The calendar is decorated with large x’s in red ink crossing out the days up until the 26th of August which is circled in bright gold glitter and $ signs.

It contains two simple words underneath it to denote a historical event:


In case you have been living underneath a rock or you have been on an all inclusive package holiday to Pluto with no internet access you will know that on the 26th of August at the T-Mobile Arena, Nevada, United States, Floyd Mayweather Jr (49-0) will face professional boxing novice Conor McGregor – in what is sure to be a fight that will be talked about for years to come – regardless of the outcome and possibly for all the wrong reasons.

Especially if there’s an Ethan Hunt moment and the brash Dubliner makes mission impossible – possible.

A highly unlikely scenario I know, but just imagine the madness of a victory for the boxing Madonna on his 1st  outing in a a boxing ring.

The boxing exodus that would follow with fans flowing into the arms of the newly formed B.W.P.P the boxing witnessed protection program.

The shame, ‘O’ the shame. A McGregor win would certainly hurt boxing’s credibility.

On the same calendar I also have the next day (the 27th) marked off but this time with a big smiley face.


Because hopefully boxing normality will be restored and we can all go about the business of watching, debating and looking forward to real boxing fights where credible opponents restore credibility to the sport by facing other credible opponents.

Particularly when great fights in boxing like GGG v Canelo and others aren’t overshadowed by the biggest circus in town.

So pop around to your local shop, buy the biggest marker pen you can find scroll down the calendar to the 27th put a big cross though it and write underneath it:

“Today is boxing business as usual.”