Malignaggi Rips Dana White After McGregor Sparring Footage Leak

Paulie Malignaggi rips Dana White after the UFC President posted footage of him and Conor McGregor sparring on Twitter.

This sparring clip has been the topic of the fight world the last couple of days to the point of exhaustion at this point.

It’s divided many as to was it a legitimate knockdown McGregor scored on Malignaggi or not.

The amount of different angle videos that are floating across the web at the moment is staggering.

Will it really matter though in the grand scheme of things?

Highly unlikely.

Is Paulie Malignaggi angling for a boxing match with McGregor following August 26th’s ‘MayMac’ event?


He’s been doing more interviews than any boxer I can think of in recent times, in terms of the last month or so. His Twitter output has been prolific as well.

Perhaps the biggest reaction he’s had to any of his Tweets this week came yesterday when he put UFC President Dana White on blast:

No mincing of words there. No holding his feelings back.

No one will really know how the sparring truly went until the full 12 rounds are released after the fight however.

Then and only then, will we be able to get a fair gauge of what happened between McGregor and Malignaggi.

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