McGregor On Mayweather: He’s A Man That Beats His Wife In Front Of His Kid

Conor McGregor has absolutely let fly at Floyd Mayweather ahead of their August 26th boxing match, responding to some claims Mayweather made.

It was well highlighted in an ESPN video interview with Stephen A Smith that Floyd Mayweather alleged Conor McGregor called him and his team ‘monkeys’.

Smith said at the time that he did not hear McGregor say that.

Now the Irishman has addressed the subject himself, clearly angered by Mayweather’s allegations:

(Hat tip Editinking)

“He is the dirt of the dirt.”

No doubt this will provoke a response from Mayweather over the coming two weeks as the fight draws nearer, in what has taken on a darker tone of trash talk in recent weeks.

Final preparations for both men should be complete over the next week or so, with fight week then expected to have another media frenzy surrounding it in Las Vegas.

It is understood that the gloves for the fight will be decided on by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on fight day itself (August 26th).

The weight of the gloves will also be decided on that day, with a chance that they will make an exception for the contest (despite the weight it is taking place at) to potentially allow for the use of 8 ounce boxing gloves.

McGregor told Ariel Helwani that if this happens he expects to knock Floyd Mayweather out inside two rounds.