Conor McGregor On Boxers Past and Present He Admires

Conor McGregor on boxers of both the modern era and the past that he enjoys watching and has taken away learning from.

One interesting topic that came up coming into Mayweather vs McGregor on August 26th when Irishman McGregor had his open day media workout was around pro boxers he’s looked up to.

His bout with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th will signify the coming together of both the boxing and MMA worlds on a scale never before seen in combat sports history.

McGegor will make his professional boxing debut on the night, but he has been keen to impress upon people that boxing has been close to his heart throughout his life ever since he first laced up the gloves at Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin as a child.

McGregor clearly keeps up with latest current affairs in boxing and comes across as a fan of the sport for many years to be fair to him.

When asked about boxers of the modern era and of the past that he admires, McGregor noted at his open media workout that:

“Roy Jones. I like Roy Jones a lot. I’ve been a big fan of him. Muhammad Ali of course. There’s been a lot throughout history. Floyd has been good. Floyd gets a lot of stick in my opinion for his style. I remember way back when he was preparing to face Hatton people were ridiculing how he hit pads. Then all of a sudden when his career goes and he does what he does – then everyone is mimicking his approach. It’s kind of similar to me right now. They’re mimicking how I move. How I approach the game.”

He added

“Prince Naseem is another one. Currently today I like Rigondeaux. Lomachenko is another one. I think them two should fight.”

The Irishman went on to mention that he isn’t particularly impressed by either middleweights Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin and also said he likes watching the lighter guys in modern boxing.

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