Amir Khan Clears Up Wife Situation With Anthony Joshua – Joshua Reacts

amir khan clears

Boxer Amir Khan clears up a highly controversial situation recently where he linked his wife and Anthony Joshua together.

The last week or so has been a chaotic time for British boxer Amir Khan who sent out a series of Tweets saying he was leaving his wife after he accused her of some sort of affair with heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua.

He then posted a video on his Snapchat account speaking further on the issue from Dubai.

Now however, things appear to be cleared up on both Khan and his wife’s side – with the following sent out by his wife firstly:

That message prompted Khan himself to come out with the following to the public:

Joshua for his part had remained silent for some time but did accept Khan’s apology:

Khan later went on to explain why he was partying in Dubai by saying:

Lets hope he can make a return to the boxing ring before the end of 2017.