Mayweather Outlines McGregor Game Plan and Why He Owes The Fans

Floyd Mayweather outlines the McGregor game plan very openly ahead of the fight and why it’s because he owes fight fans.

For those that remember the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight a little over two years ago you’ll remember a hell of a lot of the world been disappointed.

Billed as the ‘fight of the century’ it just didn’t live up, nor could have in reality – to that type of hype at least.

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Floyd Mayweather did what he always does and put on a boxing clinic. Something many purists of the sport actually enjoyed.

But the wider public, which accounted for the vast majority of the world who tuned into the bout were not impressed and for the first time – Mayweather has come clean in acknowledging it.

Speaking to Stephen A.Smith on ESPN Mayweather said:

“This can’t be a defensive fight. I gotta go to him. I have to go to him. I gotta do what I gotta do. Because I owe the public for the Pacquiao fight. Since they wasn’t pleased with the Pacquiao fight. They going to be pleased with this fight right here.”

Mayweather should he win the fight will reach 50-0. He has insisted that he will definitely retire following the bout: