Mayweather Oscar De La Hoya Beef Pops Up Ahead Of McGregor Fight

The long standing Floyd Mayweather Oscar De La Hoya beef has come up once again ahead of Mayweather’s fight with McGregor.

It’s been over a decade since Floyd Mayweather won a split decision over Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM Grand in May of 2007.

10 years on and the bitter Floyd Mayweather Oscar De La Hoya beef still festers just beneath the surface.

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Ahead of the Mayweather vs McGregor event, legendary fighter turned promoter De La Hoya was critical of the fight and believes it is bad for the sport of boxing.

He since came in for a lot of criticism from UFC president Dana White and others involved in the upcoming event on August 26th.

Floyd Mayweather while speaking to Stephen A.Smith of ESPN responded to De La Hoya’s remarks by saying:

“If I’m not mistaken, I want everybody to pull this up on YouTube. Oscar De La Hoya was just trying to get Canelo (De La Hoya promoted fighter) to fight McGregor before he got the fight with ‘GGG’ (Golovkin). Please, I want everybody at home that’s watching this interview to go see what Oscar did. Then Oscar De La Hoya said I am not good for boxing but I was good enough for you to fight me to get your biggest pay day? You’re telling me that dressing in drag, doing cocaine and being an alcoholic is a good example for these young fighters up and coming?”

Strong words from Mayweather.

The two now are also rivals as promoters outside the ring with Mayweather heading Mayweather Promotions (putting on the Mayweather vs McGregor event) and De La Hoya who is now a long time head honcho at his company Golden Boy Promotions.

Expect that rivalry to only grow in the coming months and years ahead as the two continue in the boxing promotional business.

For the full behind the scenes interview above – check it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):

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