Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko is arguably one of the best pure fights that could be made in boxing but who’s really to blame if it doesn’t happen?

Type the word “genius” in to any word search engine and you will got the following:

“Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.”

Now type “boxing genius” into the same word search engine and two names will pop up – Guillermo Rigondeaux and Vasyl Lomachenko.

Okay the last statement isn’t true, but to many boxing fans it may as well be because that is exactly how highly the vast majority of boxing people hold both men.

Sadly the window of opportunity to witness a bout between two of boxing’s sublimely skilled and intelligent exponents is closing with every passing moment.

But why is such an obviously logical fight constantly out of reach and who if anyone is to blame.

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Both men are divided on many levels – there’s the language barrier first of all.

Rigondeaux doesn’t speak English at all and Lomachenko can only speak in broken sentences of English but is learning.

Both are two weight divisions apart at present. Age is now becoming more of an issue too, especially for the Cuban Rigondeaux who at 35 – is 6 years the senior of his Ukrainian rival.

Money is and has been a major stumbling block in regards to making this fight happen, like it usually is when it comes to most big fights.

So honestly, where does the undoubtedly talented but massively difficult to market Rigondeaux expect the financial income to come in from for a Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko fight?

Definitely not from any casual fan base because this is a fight for the hardcore fans and this is actually one of boxing’s biggest problems in many ways.

It’s now actually impossible to promote and present what should be a fight that is a jewel in the crown of boxing because of the modern landscape.

It’s okay to point the financial arrow (argument ) at Top Rank CEO Bob Arum but let’s be honest, Bob for all his faults and there’s too many to get into right now (that’s a whole different article), is actually a very capable promoter with a proven track record of piecing together big fights.

Lets flip this argument over to the other side and imagine if this fight was reliant on the abilities of Guillermo Rigondeaux’s management team Caribe and the promotional skills of his promoter RocNation to source and find the appropriate financial windfalls for both fighters and make this fight actually take place – regardless of the many other difficulties.

It wouldn’t happen.

If you don’t believe it, just look at the purse bid shambolic mess Caribe made of the Shumenov-Dorticos WBA cruiserweight title fight.

In short, don’t blame the fighters because we know deep down that fighters really are hardly ever the problem.

Blame the game, blame the greed of the management behind the fighters and the promoters who linger even further behind the management and blame yourself, the hardcore fans with deep pockets and short arms who don’t fund the sport.

After all, if the money isn’t there for the fights hardcore fans really want to see who’s to blame? God forbid it’s the hardcore fans.

Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko, the wait goes on:

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