Malignaggi Quits McGregor Sparring After Fiasco – Malignaggi Reveals What Happened

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Paulie Malignaggi quits his role as a sparring partner in Conor McGregor’s camp ahead of Mayweather fight after ending up on the floor.

Someone has leaked photos of Paulie Malignaggi looking in bad shape during sparring with Conor McGregor this week.

The leaked photos are all still photos mind you – no videos.

One of the photos on Twitter here shows Malignaggi getting dropped to the floor but afterwards the American insisted it was a push:

It has been a strange ongoing theme that photos of the spars with Malignaggi have only been that, still photos. It seems like a bit of a hard sell from team McGregor if you were to take a cynical look at things.

Malignaggi has been highly inactive in recent years and is now more a pundit than fighter it also must be noted. A guy who was coming in to help McGregor out ahead of his pro boxing debut.

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Even if the above picture was a legitimate knockdown, whoever leaked the photo and if it was done so from within team McGregor – really did the dirty on Malignaggi here.

Paulie has now released a full statement on what actually happened:

However, he went much further than the diplomatic statement above when tensions clearly boiled over with one Twitter user when Malignaggi lashed out saying:

“I actually beat his ass, 24 hrsoff a flight 2 lol, which is why Im saying post the vid, I try not 2 be petty but seems it’s late 4 that now.”

The circus show goes on.

Here are some more photos ESPN have shared on Twitter of this past Tuesday’s spar between Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor: