Shannon Briggs Comes Clean And Owns Up On Drugs Scandal

Shannon Briggs Trolls

Former heavyweight champion of the world Shannon Briggs comes clean on a recent alleged failed doping test for increased testosterone levels.

Fans of the ‘Lets Go Champ’ movement including this writer (full disclosure), I mean, how couldn’t you be a fan of that positive vibe, were left disappointed earlier this summer when news broke that Shannon Briggs after an almost heroic comeback in the sport in recent years – had failed a pre-fight drugs test that saw his opportunity to fight for the WBA ‘regular’ heavyweight title earlier this summer scuppered.

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He subsequently received a six month ban from the World Boxing Association.

However he is taking full responsibility for things and the good news is he’ll be back a lot sooner than some might have thought.

Speaking to PSB Sports, Briggs said:

“There was a failed drugs test. Unfortunately I take full responsibility for it.”

He added:

“I’ll be back in late November or early December hopefully against Povetkin. We are in talks right now for Alexander Povetkin and hopefully we’ll be knocking him out. Once we knock him out I’ll be right back at the front of the car.”

In theory, with Wladimir Klitschko now retired and slightly more room at the top of the heavyweight pile available as a consequence, if Briggs were to look impressive beating Povetkin that a big fight in 2018 up to and including a world title show might still be conceivable.

For the full interview with Briggs check it out here on PSB Sports YouTube (hat tip):