Epic Video Shows Why Golovkin vs Canelo Is ‘The Real Fight’

Golovkin vs Canelo is widely considered the biggest (pure boxing match) fight of 2017 outside of Joshua vs Klitschko.

Talk of Mayweather vs McGregor is all over the internet. You just can’t avoid it unless you’ve been living under a rock.

But from a competitive boxing standpoint just a few weeks after the carnival fun-filled mainstream event – boxing’s two best middleweights in the world will throw down.

Two men the polar opposite in character to Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Two guys who let their fists do the talking rather than their mouth pieces.

Golovkin vs Canelo LA Press Conference

Nonetheless, they are still big stars within the sport.

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Canelo is arguably the biggest star that’s active in the sport today, alongside the heavyweight champion of the world from the UK Anthony Joshua.

It’s probably the best fight to take place in the US boxing in some time.

Indeed, the sport appears to be experiencing a mini-revival Stateside with a plethora of top quality matches put on so far in 2017 following a particularly dominant couple of years for British boxing.

As the creator of the above YouTube video SKCHD (hat tip) says – come September boxing fans will be treated to ‘The Real Fight’.

Sit back, relax and enjoy it.