Conor McGregor Knocks Down Sparring Partner In Vegas

UFC champion Conor McGregor knocks down sparring partner during boxing spar ahead of his Mayweather fight in August.

The Irishman dubbed his latest social media posts showing him with a downed sparring opponent as:

“Sparring today. It’s another day for me.”

Maybe so, although it can’t be quite made out who the sparring opponent exactly is.

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Come August 26th it won’t be a spar of course – he’ll be going in there with one of the modern day great pugilists in Floyd Mayweather.

Here are the serious of photos McGregor posted on his Instagram accpount showing the knockdown and the rather strange happenings after it (click on the arrows on the side of the photos to scroll through):

A fairly crazy sequence of events there.

It almost looks like after he knocked his sparring partner down that he was kneeing him in the back – then trying to catch him in a submission hold – followed by a further pummelling while he was down – with renowned boxing referee Joe Cortez in the background clearly shouting at him to stop.

Of course this all has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

But if McGregor thinks he can get away with breaking boxing rules on August 26th it could prove to be an expensive mistake for him.

For those unaware of why referee Joe Cortez is supervising the spar – see here on why McGregor hired him to understand boxing rules more clearly in preparation for his fight with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th:

(Hat tip Helen Yee Sports YouTube)

(Top image source and credit – Conor McGregor Instagram)

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