Victor Ortiz Explains How Floyd Mayweather ‘Cant Crack An Egg’

Former Mayweather opponent Victor Ortiz speaks on Mayweather’s lack of punching power ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor.

The last official knockout on Floyd Mayweather’s boxing record came six years ago all the way back in 2011 against Victor Ortiz.

Ortiz after not been able to land much of a glove for the first four rounds then decided to fight dirty against Mayweather.

Headbutting him and busting his lip at one point.

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The result was a strange moment from Ortiz who appeared to be aplogizing to Mayweather and reached out to embrace him, even after the referee had broken up the two fighters and told them to box.

He received what some deemed a sucker punch straight right hand down the pipe for his trouble. Rendering him out cold.

Six years on – ahead of Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Conor McGregor on August 26th – Ortiz speaks here on how he doesn’t think Mayweather punches hard:

It seems a bit off how he describes a man who knocked him out cold as not been able to crack an egg.

Ortiz actually returns to the ring this weekend against a fighter by the name of Saul Corral in California.

Ortiz has boxed five times since losing to Mayweather in 2011.

Three of those have been losses to Josesito Lopez, Andre Berto and Luis Collazo.

Despite seeming like he’s been around forever – Ortiz is still only 30 years old.