Anthony Joshua On Mike Tyson – How He Would’ve Done Against Him

Anthony Joshua on Mike Tyson and in particular, how he would have got on against him in the ring if he fought him in his prime.

Since bursting onto the heavyweight scene in recent years and making quick progress to become champion some have likened Britain Anthony Joshua’s fight style to that of one ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s.

A ferocious, all guns blazing style, where he tends to leave it in the ring.

Tyson’s head movement, defence, speed and footwork were surely on a different level, though. Certainly if trying to compare both men at this point in time.

Joshua likely won’t reach his prime for another three years or so at the age of 30. Whereas Tyson was at his best between 19-21 perhaps.

It’s all debatable of course.

Joshua’s first (realistically) acid test in his career came back in April against future Hall of Fame fighter Wladimir Klitschko.

He past that in flying colours, showing immense heart to get back up off the canvas after getting knocked down – to come back and close the show inside the distance – in dramatic fashion.

90,000 fans in Wembley went home entertained that night.

While it is often a bit over the top to try to compare fighters from different eras – fight fans just love to do it. It’s fun.

Plain and simple.

Boxing being such a steeped in history sport makes for a lot of comparison opportunities between combatants of different generations.

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Mike Tyson to this day is still the youngest heavyweight champion ever in the sport’s history – capturing the title in 1986 against Trevor Berbick at 20 years and 4 months old.

A remarkable feat when you really think about it.

On the flip side, one question I saw posed online this year that made me think was – did Tyson fight someone of Wladimir Klitschko’s calibre in just his 19th professional fight?

Mike Tyson On Anthony Joshua

The answer is no.

Mike fought Steve Zouski in his 19th fight in 1986. That’s not to take anything away from Tyson though. I say that as a massive fan of ‘Iron’ Mike’s explosive and thrilling fights.

It was a different era back then. Way different.

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Fighters fought much, much more regularly. Tyson went on to capture the title in that same year above (1986) and fought a staggering 13 times in 1986 alone.

He amassed a professional record of 28-0 (26KO) at just 20 years of age.

These days due to the time it takes to promote a fight and how athletes now train, 27 year old Joshua (19-0-19KO) fights just two times a year typically.

Mainly in large pay per view extravaganzas that get built up for months on end.

Recently at a public speak event Joshua spoke humbly about Tyson and how he thought he would have done against him had they squared off.

Anthony Joshua on Mike Tyson:

“Mike Tyson would have battered me (laughs). There was no way I could have taken on that guy. I would have taken that pay cheque. You know what I done against Klitschko in that 6th round when I took that dive? I’m joking. I would have taken a dive against Tyson. He was a beast mate. I give all credit and respect to Tyson. Even though Tyson is going on like 50 now, I still remember Tyson as the young young 21 year old. He was that good and made such an impact in the sport of boxing.”