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Floyd Mayweather Sr reacts to recent reports from a professional boxer that claimed McGregor had been knocked out in sparring.

Floyd Mayweather Sr is a showman in his own right.

Never afraid to speak his mind and be outspoken – his referring to Conor McGregor as Conor ‘McGregory’ in the build-up to his son’s fight with the Irishman on August 26th has perhaps been one of the more lighter notes in the circus-like bonanza that has swept the world thus far.

While it is unclear who is training Floyd for the fight with McGregor exactly, by all accounts he’s training himself for McGregor without a coach (not the first time he’s done so in his career), his father is in camp and is understood that he will be the head trainer in the corner on the night.

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Speaking to Dontate’s Boxing Nation, Floyd Mayweather Sr reacted to a recent claim by former world champion Jessie Vargas that McGregor had been knocked out, by saying:

“That would surprise me because he already know what he’s got coming anyway. He already knows who’s coming to see him in his face, and he (Mayweather Jr) going crush him. Believe me.”

The sparring knockout story was squashed in all corners subsequently after getting out by the likes of Brandon Rios and Paulie Malignaggi.

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