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The Golovkin top 10 knockouts make for some viewing but will Canelo Alvarez be added to the list in September? Time will tell.

Golovkin is known for his freakish power and strength at middleweight, but come September 16th he faces of against the best boxer of his career thus far.

A school of thought does exist to some that Canelo may possess the ever so slightly more polished boxing skills, but even if that is true, the brute power and force of Golovkin is not something many have been able to withstand in recent memory.

It’s surely one of the most genuine 50/50 encounters in recent big fight history.

Golovkin’s last fight against Danny Jacobs in March was the first time Golovkin had been taken the distance since 2008 in a professional boxing ring.

All good things come to an end as the say and so did Golovkin’s 23 fight knockout streak that night in Madison Square Garden.

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Golovkin did let Jacobs feel his power in the fight though – dropping him hard with a massive overhand right hand at one point.

Only for the ultra courageous Jacobs to get back to his feet and battle on in a fight that some thought might have even deserved to have gone to the New Yorker.

I personally thought Golovkin deserved to win the fight.

Canelo this September represents another step up again from Jacobs, mind you.

He’ll need to be firing on all cylinders on the night, as well his Mexican opponent. Something like this perhaps (hat tip: Golovkin Top 10 Knockouts – Boxing and MMA YouTube):

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