Mayweather Reveals Why He Finally Decided To Fight McGregor

Mayweather reveals

Floyd Mayweather reveals why he decided to fight Conor McGregor in the first place come August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

Most people tend to have the same view of why this fight is happening – money.

Yes it’s surely the main factor, but there is a few other appeals to the fight for both men taking it too. From McGregor’s side it’s a bit of a win-win when you really think about it.

If he loses, he’s expected to, and can return to his UFC career with a healthy amount of cash in his pocket if he so chooses to fight on.

If he wins the world of boxing and indeed sport will be in a state of shock, likely propelling the Irishman into a hero-like figure of some sort.

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Mayweather is the man with a lot to lose when you break it down.

He’s the guy expected to win (easily). The guy with the undefeated record. The guy who said this is his last fight in the boxing ring.

If Conor McGregor even wins some rounds or actually manages to take Mayweather the distance, it will be seen as a moral win for the Irishman and a blight on Mayweather’s legacy.

Mayweather has to brutally beat the Irishman down, as expected, to get out of this with credibility in terms of his boxing legacy.

Speaking to Talk Sport, the American spoke about recently why he decided to take the risk in the first place:

“The fans demanded this fight, Conor McGregor wanted this fight, I wanted this fight. Those are the three things. I think Conor McGregor is making a lot of money, I think I’m making a lot of money, and I think it’s what the fans want to see. So he has a chance to do something no other fighter has done.”

Fan demand definitely played a part in making this event come to life. No doubt about it.

Come August 26th whatever happens, fans will have gotten what they want. Time will tell what that actually will turn out to be in reality: