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Dana White’s bizarre theory on how McGregor can beat Mayweather when they fight on August 26th in Las Vegas.

Salesmanship is in full swing at the moment whether it’s UFC president Dana White, Showtime, Mayweather himself or contracted analysts for the fight such as Brendan Schaub.

Their job is to get you, the consumer, to try to think that Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather come August 26th, potentially.

And why wouldn’t they? It’s a business after all.

If the whole pre-fight story was that McGregor didn’t have a hope and the bookmakers gave no odds on him whatsoever that would take away from the hype, the promotion and ultimately – the pay per view buys.

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Speaking on Jimmy Kimmell Live here’s Dana White’s bizarre theory on how McGregor can beat Mayweather in their upcoming boxing match:

“Floyd Mayweather is going to be 41 years old. If there is a kink in that armour it has been with southpaws. Conor McGregor is a southpaw. He’s 28 years old (correction Dana, he’s now 29) and he hits like a truck. He’s got 12 rounds to land that punch. When he hits people they go and if he hits Floyd I think he will hurt him and when he hurts people, he puts them away.”

In reality, that’s not happening. Dana White is a smart guy. He knows it in his heart of hearts.

Even the odds makers who initially gave McGregor a better chance than some of Floyd’s recent opponents over the years are now starting to come to their senses.

It should be a hell of an event though. Whatever way it pans out.

For the full interview above including Dana White’s bizzare theory on how McGregor can beat Mayweather, check it out here on Jimmy Kimmell Live Youtube (hat tip):

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