Nick Diaz Explains Boxing For MMA vs Pure Boxing

nick diaz

MMA star Nick Diaz is regarded as one of the best boxers in MMA but even he concedes that boxing itself is a totally different ball game.

With Mayweather vs McGregor in the news literally everywhere at the moment, the boxing and mixed martial arts communities have never been brought together in such a way before.

The two sports are apples and oranges of course but many within the MMA world seem to give Conor McGregor a chance in his upcoming boxing match with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th.

The difference in boxing for MMA and the sweet science itself are huge however.

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The stance and distance are totally different firstly. MMA fighters have to worry about so many different weapons coming their way outside of just a left and a right fist.

Accordingly, they have to be aware of things like leg kicks and take down attempts which creates an all together different boxing stance and style from that of the traditional noble art.

Some have argued that this in fact could play into Conor McGregor’s favor against Floyd Mayweather next month, in that Floyd will have not seen this type of movement or style before.

Granted, even if Floyd does find him awkward for a few rounds, one would still think that once he figures out the style that it is curtains for the Irishman.

One of the few prominent figures from the MMA world Nick Diaz explains excellently in this video the difference in boxing for MMA vs professional boxers themselves: