50 Cent Not Happy With McGregor Comments At Mayweather Presser

Mayweather Levels STD Jibe At Ex-Friend 50 Cent In Ongoing Beef

Rapper 50 Cent responds to comments McGregor made about him at New York press conference ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight.

Conor McGregor has been hurling verbal abuse at anyone in sight this week during the Floyd Mayweather international press tour.

One target of his verbal slang was former Floyd Mayweather close friend and recording rapper 50 Cent. McGregor mentioned that both he and Mayweather are broke in his view:

‘Two fake money b****. He’s bankrupt and your about to be. It should be 50 nah, Bentley nah, we owe our b***** to the IRS, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Not the best rapping attempt it must be said.

In the same tone of voice, McGregor came in for some flack from Mayweather after asking the American boxer’s daughter to sing to him.

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If anything, the New York press conference seemed a bit forced from the usually top notch showman that is Conor McGregor.

Now 50 Cent has had a chance to see what McGregor was saying he’s responded via his Instagram account with the following messages jibing at McGregor’s Irish heritage.

Referring to him as a leprechaun: