McGregor Mayweather Price of Pay Per View Set Ahead Of August 26th

The McGregor Mayweather price for the PPV has now been established ahead of the year’s biggest event in professional sports.

It’s widely agreed that this is a money fight, no doubt about it.

Fair play to both guys to be able to earn such money for after all, what is the hardest way to make a living – professional fighting.

Two guys who came from hard times as kids now as men get to financially be rewarded for something that very few human beings ever have the courage to do.

Some have estimated that Mayweather vs McGregor could even shatter the money records set by Mayweather vs Pacquiao back in May 2015.

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A fight that sold a whopping 4.6 million pay per views in the United States alone, grossing many hundreds of millions worldwide across all streams and geographies – making it the single richest sports event ever held in one single night.

If Mayweather vs McGregor does more than 5 million pay per view buys in the US like some are predicting, from pay per view alone (in just the US) the fight will gross a nearly a staggering half a billion dollars.

That’s because it has now been revealed that the fight will cost $89.95 in standard definition on US pay per view on Showtime, $99.99 in high definition.

It has not been announced just yet the exact details in the UK and Ireland for the fight. It is expected Sky Box Office will pick it up.

Their charge is usually now around the £19.95 GB sterling.

Don’t be surprised if they up it though ahead of such a cash frenzy type event – that’s got both the boxing and MMA worlds talking:

(Top image credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY )

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