Where Mikey Garcia Is Getting His Confidence Ahead Of Broner Fight

Mikey Garcia vs Adrien Broner promises to be an intriguing summer fight in the US, but what Adrien Broner will turn up?

You know the man, Adrien Broner. Don’t pretend like you don’t.

Broner finds himself at a crossroads. No, not that again. Broner is in a do or die situation. No, not that one again – either.

Let’s just throw the clichés out the window.

Here is what we know; Broner is a rapper, promoter, and boxer among other things in life, even if not considered successful in all three.

Broner has taken a page out of the “Floyd Mayweather’s Guide to Fame and Success in Boxing”; however, Broner is missing the one key ingredient, consistently winning.

Yes, Broner is currently well known in and outside of the sport, but you see, with every loss, the sand in the hourglass moves a little faster.

The “problem” with Broner (pun intended) has been well documented.

He is put in a position to take a step forward and pass a “test”, but ends up failing. He then talks about if he were more serious he would be unstoppable. Rinse and repeat.

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Once again, Broner finds himself in the same identical situation. On July 29, his “test” will go by the name of Mikey Garcia. Garcia is for all intents and purposes, what Broner himself would call “A Real Animal™” (Broner declares he is “A Real Animal”).

Since his return after a more than two-year absence, he has shredded both of his opponents, Elio Rojas and Dejan Zlaticanin, the latter being the WBC lightweight champion:

Expectedly so, Garcia feels very confident that he will bring more than Broner can deal with come fight night, as evidenced by this quote from a conference call between he and Broner:

How do you expect the fight to play out? (To which he replied)

 “It’s going to be a good, competitive fight, a very close fight because like I said, you can’t deny his skills, you can’t deny his accomplishments. But at the end of the night I feel that I am a slightly better boxer. Just a little bit better than he is and I’ve just got to prove it on the 29th. I did tell you that he loses, he’s lost and I don’t lose. That’s where I have that confidence.

I don’t believe anybody around my division can beat me right now and I don’t think Adrien Broner is going to be one to give me those kinds of problems. We’re going to obviously train hard and prepare. We can’t take him lightly but I still believe very, very strongly that I’m the better fighter.”

To be fair Broner has been in this situation before.

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His humbling first career defeat at the hands of Marcos Maidana did not him affect him in the way many thought that it would.

Broner simply admitted defeat, and continued to be the Broner that people love or hate, depending on which side you stand on.

Only July 29, will Broner “Brone?” He may once again find himself in that same familiar place.

If so, will he be able to dust himself off and continue to demand the audience he does today?

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