Mayweather Training Camp For McGregor Couldn’t Be Any More Relaxed

The Floyd Mayweather training camp ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor takes an extended break on Sundays.

The Mayweather training camp while a ferocious one while he is in the gym, couldn’t be any more relaxed when he’s outside of it.

Whilst Conor McGregor made his way to the US this past weekend Floyd Mayweather was on a day off on Sunday skating with his family.

Indeed, it’s a ritual Mayweather reserves for Sundays with his family and close friends and offers a rare glimpse into the real side of the former champion – away from the money mantra, strip clubs and throwing cash around.

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Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) caught up with him this past Sunday ahead of the McGregor press tour this week, as relaxed as ever:

Some have mentioned from training clips released thus far that Mayweather has considerably slowed down and has shown stiffness in his movement.

At 41 that would be expected to be fair, but will it be enough to give a 28 year old Conor McGregor any chance?

Time will tell.

McGregor looks already in peak condition and has been training for a considerable period behind the scenes it is understood. Long before the fight was ever announced.

Kick off at tomorrow’s international press tour starts in LA.

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