The Moment All WBS Series Seed Boxers Chose Their Opponents

Here is how each WBS Series Seed Boxers made their decision in the draw on who they wanted to fight in the quarter finals.

Not long to go now until the World Boxing Super Series gets underway in the super-middleweight and cruiserweight divisions – to see who really is the best fighter in the world in both weight classes.

The first instalments of the tournament are expected to kick off this September and October respectively, with dates and venues to be confirmed for all of the now drawn fighters.

It was quite the evening in Monaco at the draw. No expense sparred. Boxing portrayed in as classy a light as this writer can recall for some time.

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An almost theatre like atmosphere with grand music and attire all round. It had the feel of ballroom boxing but much grander.

On the night the seeded fighters in the tournament had to select who it was they wanted to fight. An intriguing idea in itself.

Almost like Big Brother meets boxing, if you will.

Here is the moment all the WBS Series seed boxers read out who it is they wanted to face in the ring – including a special appearance from Chris Eubank should his son beat Arthur Abraham this weekend and advance to the tournament:

Roll on the quarter finals.