Horrendous Mayweather McGregor Tickets Scam Exposed

An early Mayweather McGregor tickets scam has been uncovered despite the fact official tickets have yet to go on sale.

Mayweather Mcgregor tickets will no doubt go like hot cakes, but not just yet.

Pro sports like other event based promotions such as music concerts often get their tickets corrupted by unsavoury characters.

Not just those on the secondary ticket market that buy face value tickets and look to sell them at a huge profit to make a quick buck, but those that actually come up with fake tickets all together and engage in fraud.

Mayweather vs McGregor on August 26th is arguably going to be the biggest event of the 2017 sports calendar and unfortunately has already been attracting the wrong attention in this regard.

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It’s a showcase that has already driven extraordinary amount of interaction online and the event’s organizers are currently lining up the official fight venue, press tour details, TV information and of course the ticket details.

One unlucky customer however has already been duped into shelling out quite a bit of money for Mayweather McGregor tickets that don’t actually exist – as UFC President Dana White revealed:

The above two tickets purchased for £4832.22 is in UK sterling which when it converts over – is just over $6000 US dollars.

Not a nice feeling no doubt. Lets hope the person in question will be able to get their money back.