Mayweather Stops Training To Point Out Mistake Of Young Fighter

Mayweather stops

Floyd Mayweather stops his workout regime all together as he notices a young boxer not doing something right.

Floyd Mayweather the coach?

Perhaps after his upcoming event with Conor McGregor if the former pound for pound number one does finally retire, it could be an option.

It’s not like he exactly needs any spare cash these days and with an obvious life long love for the sweet science, it only makes sense that someone as gifted as Mayweather might want to pass on his boxing wisdom to the younger generation as he gets older.

He’s been back in training camp this week in California for his upcoming clash with Conor McGregor in August and looks to be taking things in typically serious fashion.

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It doesn’t appear that money has got to the famed Mayweather work ethic and motivation yet. Although he knows he’ll be facing a novice pro boxer in McGregor, he’s still training like his life depends on it.

Perhaps that in itself is what separates the really good fighters from the great ones.

This week while in California Mayweather broke his training routine temporarily when he noticed a young boxer standing too up right for his liking.

Here’s what he said to his coach (hat tip Villainfy Media YouTube):