Gennady Golovkin Not Impressed With Mayweather’s Verbal Antics

Gennady Golovkin not impressed with some of Floyd Mayweather’s recent comments in the media about him being an easy fight.

Realistically at this stage of both men’s careers, it’s a fight that is highly doubtful in terms of it becoming a reality but nonetheless it’s a topic that still seems to get fans talking.

Two completely different type of fighters at two different weights, but an interesting one to play fantasy fight speculation with when you think about it for long enough as a stylistic matchup.

Many think Golovkin would be simply too big and powerful for the smaller Mayweather, while Mayweather and his supporters think their man would dance around ‘GGG’ on route to potshotting him in an easy victory.

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When asked by Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about Mayweather recently saying he would be an easy fight, ‘GGG’ responded:

“He talks too much. I think he is not promoter. Why? Why? (laughs). Ask him why.”

Some speculation has frequented the boxing sphere recently that after this fight with Canelo that Golovkin could actually be about to call it a day.

A lot would depend on how the fight goes though, one would imagine at least.

But if he and Mayweather (sorry, when Mayweather wins) win their upcoming fights, could a catchweight bout between the two happen at some point?

Stranger things have happened. If Mayweather believes he could beat ‘GGG’ so easily perhaps if the price was right it could still happen, one day.

For the full interview above check it out here on Fight Hub TV YouTube (hat tip):