Golovkin and Canelo Duke It Out In Robot Kids Game

Golovkin and Canelo might be one of the biggest fights in boxing in years but the two fighters also have a lighter sense of humour.

Golovkin and Canelo are in full promotion swing ahead of their September 16th showdown and have found themselves on an international press tour all this week.

It started off in London, England then moved to New York yesterday and later today they are expected in LA in the US.

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So far there has been a few subtle jabs between the two, nothing major mind you.

The big talking point from a lot of media seems to permeate around how much thunder the Mayweather-McGregor fight has taken away from the GGG-Canelo showdown.

Both fighters have been quick to defend the merits of their contest in comparison to the latter which is more of a popular culture event, as opposed to legitimate top tier boxing match – but all in all they don’t seem too concerned for the most part.

There’s no doubting it will alter the pay per view buy numbers of their middleweight title showdown in some regard, but like true professionals they are getting on with the job at hand.

While having a bit of fun too.

The classic ‘Rock em Sock em’ robots kids game is a popular one the world over. Here’s what happened when Golovkin and Canelo squared off in the game with the Wall Street Journal: