The Ward Kovalev 2 Scorecard At The Time Of The Stoppage

Ward Kovalev 2 Scorecard

The Ward Kovalev 2 scorecard at the time Andre Ward stopped Sergey Kovalev in Vegas makes for interesting reading.

The fight was fairly close in the eyes of most up until around round 7 and 8 when momentum seemed to be turning in favour of Andre Ward – who ultimately stopped Kovalev in round 8.

It was done so in controversial circumstances, granted, but the Ward Kovalev 2 scorecard at the time he closed the show makes for interesting reading.

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One judge had Kovalev up by four rounds, while the two others had Ward up by a round each.

Boxing writer Mike Montero tweeted out the scorecard – mentioning that two of the judges were in his opinion on route to screwing Kovalev anyway.

He got a lot of re-tweets for his view:

What do you think? Do you agree?

It was thought by many that the stoppage by the referee was a bit premature but most likely Ward was well on the way to stopping Kovalev anyway.

I don’t think a third fight will realistically happen, not straight away at least, but perhaps it could still happen in time if both men continue to sit on top of the light-heavyweight division.

Ward did mention after the fight that he would be open to one day attempting a fight at heavyweight – referencing Roy Jones Jr in the past completing such stellar accomplishments in terms of stepping up from lower weight categories to boxing’s glamor division.

A showdown with WBC light-heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson would also be appetising to fight fans no doubt.