Kovalev Promoter Kathy Duva Snaps In Andre Ward Post-Fight Presser

Kathy Duva, Sergey Kovalev’s promoter, had enough by the time the post-fight press conference came around in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Tensions were running high for Kathy Duva and team Kovalev this weekend at Mandalay Bay after what they felt were blatant low blows scored by opposing fighter Andre Ward on route to his victory over Kovalev.

Round 7 and 8 were where the majority of the alleged fouls happened and after the fight both Kathy Duva and Kovalev’s manager vented their anger on the mic at the post-fight press conference.

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Kathy Duva at one point told those in attendance booing here to:

“Shut up.”

She was incensed by what she thought was little to know protection given to her man from the referee and mentioned that a complaint will be lodged with the Commission on Monday morning US time.

It is unclear what if anything that will achieve however.

Kovalev’s manager Egis Klimas said RocNation fighters on the night, Ward and earlier in the night Guillermo Rigondeaux, had been left get away with multiple fouls in his view.

Here is the moment Kathy Duva let loose on her frustrations in the post-fight press conference (hat tip -Bible of Boxing Twitter):