Tyson Fury Responds To Anthony Joshua Calling Him Out

Tyson Fury Makes Public Anthony Joshua

Former champion Tyson Fury responds to a call out from the heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua.

It’s not often you hear of the usually reserved Anthony Joshua calling a potential opponent out but he’s no fool, he knows the Tyson Fury fight is the one everyone wants.

It’s the biggest fight out there in heavyweight boxing. The stereotypical good cop vs bad cop story line going into a potential fight will make it a gigantic one if it happens.

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Two men who share the opposite personalities – but equally impressive achievements in the ring.

Tyson Fury’s heavyweight titles that he held in 2015 were only lost outside of the ring it is important to remember.

No doubt the fact some of them now sit with Joshua is motivating him to get back in the ring at the moment.

That return is not known exactly yet, but one gets the sense a potential Joshua vs Fury is building nicely for a 2018 showdown.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Joshua said of Fury:

“Tyson when you’re back, I’m interested, so let’s live up to what people want to see us do.”

Music to the ears of British and world boxing fans no doubt. Fury is currently working his way through some issues to get back into the ring at present.

He has, however, had this response to Joshua today: