When Mike Tyson Absolutely Blasted Floyd Mayweather


With Mayweather expected to make a return to the ring this year, a quick trip down memory lane when Mike Tyson destroyed him verbally.

Mike Tyson has never been a guy to mince his words, both in his boxing career and throughout his life for that matter.

Now that Floyd Mayweather is widely expected to return to the boxing ring before the year is out to take on UFC fighter Conor McGregor, the man called ‘Money Mayweather’ has come in for some flack in some quarters.

Essentially for taking on a novice pro fighter in what will be Mayweather’s 50th professional fight in his unbeaten career to date.

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Alas, those calls only make the fight even bigger as Mayweather does what he’s done so well from a business point of view in boxing over the years – make people tune in to watch him lose.

It’s a strategy that formed the basis of his ‘Money Mayweather’┬ámoniker that he used for the latter part of his fight career┬áto drum up interest in his fights.

Mike Tyson has never been much of a fan of it though as it turns out.

The youngest heavyweight champion in history put Mayweather on blast here and referred to him as a ‘scared little man’ rather fiercely on UCN: