Sugar Ray Leonard Speaks On Recent Terrorist Attacks

The great Sugar Ray Leonard speaks about the recent terrorism attacks across the world and has a few questions for viewers.

Sometimes in the boxing world we can get a little preoccupied with, well, boxing.

For those who cover the sport on a daily basis or otherwise work in boxing, we can often be a little guilty of living in a bubble like existence – where nothing outside of boxing can exist for days and weeks on end.

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But you’d have to be living under a rock completely to not have seen or heard about the terrible things that have happened in the UK in recent weeks.

First a shocking bomb attack at a concert in Manchester, then horrific knife and automobile attacks in the country’s capital of London.

Innocent people sadly lost their lives and many were badly injured by people simply intent on causing destruction, spreading hate and inflicting fear into ordinary, decent human beings.

Over the past few weeks many in the boxing world have spoken out against these individuals responsible for such evil acts to humanity.

Today the great Sugar Ray Leonard speaks on these recent acts of violence and has a number of questions on what on Earth is really going on anymore in the world today?

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