Errol The Truth Spence – From Contender To Feared Champion

Errol Spence's Response To Amir Khan Calling Him Out Was Superb

Errol The Truth Spence encapsulates the voyage of a fighter, to contender to champion in many ways within the sweet science.

The fight between Brook vs Spence was more than just about a solid contender vs champion. It was the voyage of both men that we followed and how they got to this point.

When all we heard for weeks were talks of Canelo vs GGG somehow both Brook & Spence was able to capture the attention of the whole boxing community this weekend.

Both men had unanswered questions to deal with.

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Brook about his eye and if he was going to move up or not. Spence not having the experience and needing a solid name on his resume.

The welterweight division once again gave us a look at why we love the sport and what happens when guys fight in their prime.

Brook with all respect showed us his championship heart, making Spence earn his world title this weekend. Brook landed some good punches and was refusing to give ground at times.

Spence entered the lion’s den and brought his A game. In the end, he was just relentless. Even when Brook had him hurt he wasn’t going to fold being the young and ferocious contender that he is.

It made for a great fight and all of social media witnessed two warriors put it all on the line.

Perhaps this is the reason why we always say boxing is alive – because of fights like this. The champion who was unwilling to relinquish his belt and the challenger who wanted to live up to his name – Errol The Truth Spence.

In the end we got to see the contender become a champion and a former champion become even more respected. Errol The Truth Spence has just begun his world championship journey.

Strap yourself in for what should be one hell of a ride over the next few years.