Mayweather Has A New Nickname For Ricky Hatton

Floyd Mayweather has a new nickname for his old rival Ricky Hatton from the UK – even years on after their fight.

It was one of the biggest fights of the year for it’s time. A boxing event that saw tens of thousands of UK fans flood the streets of Las Vegas.

Singing, dancing and drinking the beer taps dry – the Mayweather vs Hatton Vegas fight weekend is still remembered fondly by locals I’ve found out since getting back to Las Vegas at the moment.

Ultimately, Mayweather proved too much for Hatton on the night but not after a strong start from Hatton that Mayweather even admitted after the fight surprised him and noting that Hatton came to win on the night.

Speaking on IFL TV YouTube recently on his travels to the UK when questioned about Hatton – Mayweather had a new nickname for his old rival:

“Ricky Flatton.”

Obviously referring to him stopping Hatton inside the distance when the pair fought at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few years back.

Hatton had said since fighting Mayweather in the past that he didn’t feel Mayweather quite gave him the time of day in the instances that the two have bumped into each other in the years since.

The pair fought in 2007 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with the ten year anniversary of the fight coming up later this year on December 8th.