How Lomachenko Reacted To Muhammad Ali’s Death

Lomachenko Reacted

A heart warming video has surfaced of how Vasyl Lomachenko reacted to the great man’s passing when he heard the sad news.

Ukraine’s Vasyl Lomachenko is a man in the news a lot as of late when it comes to boxing and rightly so.

In a few short years as a pro he’s already established himself as one of the very best in the sport of boxing, pound for pound.

He currently holds the top spot on our own top 10 list as things stand.

He’s ripped through weight classes like a knife through butter with his precision and vicious finishing instincts but there is also another empathetic side to the super-featherweight champion.

It seems like only yesterday that not just the world of boxing was rocked, but the world as a whole was by the passing of the great Muhammad Ali.

A man who transcended the sport of boxing and stood for causes in life that had huge implications for the human race that many still learn from today.

A true legend in every sense of the word.

Lomachenko was not long turned pro at the time of the news in 2016 but like everyone else in boxing – was profoundly impacted by the loss of such a special life, energy and spirit from this world.

Here is how Lomachenko reacted: