Pound for Pound Boxers Ranking 2020 - Best Fighters On Earth

Pound For Pound Boxers Ranking 2020

Creating a top 10 pound for pound boxers ranking and ratings list of the best fighters around the world is a difficult game at the best of times but nonetheless — a very fun one.

Pound for pound boxer rankings are a debate that always prove to be a bone of contention in the sweet science.

Time and time again. Year after year.

Everyone has a different opinion in this list. That’s what makes it so much fun to try to figure out really.

Even though it’s a mythical list in truth.

Over recent decades there have been many outstanding fighters who have sat on top of this mythical hierarchy from the likes of Roy Jones Jr to Floyd Mayweather to Manny Pacquiao.

Our top 10 pound for pound boxers ranking list is formulated based on four key criteria in the following order:

  • Level of competition faced and beaten on a consistent basis by top-tier professional fighters that at least compete once every 18 months.
  • Level of boxing skills that translate to different weight categories and different styles of opponent.
  • How a fighter performs in his victories.
  • Accomplishments and pedigree in the sport of boxing both amateur and pro to date.

With that in mind, here’s our latest top 10 best pound for pound boxer rankings in the world regardless of what weight class they compete in.

Pound for Pound Boxers Ranking (Top 10)

  1. Canelo Alvarez (Middleweight)
  2. Terence Crawford (Welterweight)
  3. Errol Spence Jr (Welterweight)
  4. Tyson Fury (Heavyweight)
  5. Gervonta Davis (Lightweight)
  6. Teofimo Lopez (Lightweight)
  7. Naoya Inoue (Jr Bantamweight)
  8. Vasyl Lomachenko (Lightweight)
  9. Oleksandr Usyk (Heavyweight)
  10. Oscar Valdez (Super-Featherweight)

Note: These pound for pound boxers rankings are completely open to objection and like every other pound for pound list out there ever published, they are not to be taken as absolute fact.

They are an enjoyable debate to partake in nonetheless for boxing fans and something that we try to update as fairly as possible in a balanced manner, based on the above key criteria.

We will update this list every month or so depending on when the top pound for pound boxers in the world are in action, or if one drops out of the list due to significant inactivity, retirement or for unforeseen circumstances.