Watch: Brook vs Spence Behind The Ropes (Episode 1)

Brook vs Spence Behind The Ropes

It’s fight week and the first Brook vs Spence Behind The Ropes erpisode has aired ahead of their welterweight title fight.

This weekend in Sheffield, UK sees one of those genuinely 50/50 fights that roll around once every while in boxing between two of a division’s supreme fighters.

A fight rightly being fawned over by boxing fans and debated widely.

IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook from the UK defends his belt against the up and coming young lion from the US Errol Spence Jr.

There are many questions surrounding the bout leading to it’s perception as being a toss up.

Is Spence biting off more than he can chew too early in his career by going to a fighter of Brook’s calibre’s hometown?

The flip side of that coin for many is Brook going to be the same fighter coming all the way down from middleweight to welterweight again following his last fight to Golovkin?

Historically speaking, going up in weight so dramatically and then coming back down again has not faired well for fighters over the years.

Brook has never made 147lbs easily, either. He’s down in weight early for the fight mind you and looks to have trained like a beast for this.

A proud man with supreme power, timing and skills who won’t be giving up his belt to someone over the pond without one hell of a dog fight.

There is a feeling however the Spence could be catching Brook at the right time, certainly in the US. All shall be revealed soon though, as they say.

Ahead of the fight here is the official Brook vs Spence Behind The Ropes video (episode one) – enjoy: