Conor McGregor Agrees Terms For Mayweather Boxing Match

Mayweather vs McGregor and Boxing's Crediblity

UFC star Conor McGregor agrees his side of the bargain to face Floyd Mayweather in a much speculated boxing showdown.

Well, the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match is now virtually over the line as one side of the fight has officially agreed to the contractual terms of the bout, pending his lawyers approving it.

UFC president Dana White confirmed to ESPN that McGregor has agreed to the deal but now he must get Mayweather’s team who include Al Haymon and Leonard Ellerbe to agree to their side of the fight for Mayweather.

While there is no official financials mentioned just yet, it is expected that McGregor for his part could earn up to $75 million for the fight and Mayweather could earn more than $100 million.

Of course this will be down to how many pay per view buys the event does, which if we’re honest, will be gigantic.

The real figures above could be much higher for both men, while also factoring in the cut the UFC and other co-promoter could take, as well as a network cut – depending on what way the above play this out.

The reality is that this fight which has been talked about more than most would have perhaps liked, is now about to finally get agreed and signed.

September was the month that the fight was expected to happen but Golvokin vs Canelo has now made the organizers re-think the date.

I would not be surprised if it’s pushed all the way back to November to give the event maximum time for promotion.