Exclusive: Dave Allen Speaks On Potential Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury Fight

Dave Allen is a professional UK heavyweight that goes by the nickname ‘White Rhino’ who is making a big name for himself at the moment.

Recently I caught up with Dave Allen. He spoke to me about his upcoming Commonwealth title fight with Lenroy Thomas, his preparation for his next fight on May 27th, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and much more.

How is preparation going for your fight on May 27th
“Preparation is going great, training going well. Probably in the best shape of my pro career. I’ve had good sparring and consistent track work. No complaints, no injuries.”
You have a very tough opponent in Lenroy Thomas who like yourself has sparred Anthony Joshua. What do you know of Thomas and the kind of fight he will bring? 
“I don’t know much about Lenroy Thomas, just the footage of him online and things I’ve heard from his time sparring AJ. I’m expecting a rough first half of the fight after which I will take over.” 
What do you think a win for you on May 27th will do for your career?
“A win May 27th opens up so many doors. The British title to me is of most importance so I will be pushing for the Gary Cornish fight after May 27th.”
What difference has it made to your preparation being able to get a full camp under your belt ahead of this fight? 
“The only thing I’ve ever needed is to get fit to be able to bring out what I can do. That’s the only difference. The ability and skills have always been there but I haven’t had the confidence to use them because of what I think to be inexperience and lack of fitness.” 
How excited are you to be boxing on a huge card in Yorkshire with a major title on the line? 
“I’ve been in some big fights but this is the first big fight for a major title. I go in as favourite and at Brammal Lane stadium (on the Brook vs Spence show) makes it even more exciting.”
Recently heavyweight Lucas Browne tweeted that a fight with you is something he would be interested in – how much would you like that fight perhaps with the Commonwealth title on the line? 
“A defence of my Commonwealth title is something I would like after the (Lenroy) Thomas and (Gary) Cornish fights.”
You have been very active in 2017, how would you like the rest of the year to pan out have you any goals set? 
“I want 2017 to be a big year by picking up as many belts and rounds as possible. I’m open to all fights that will improve me and help me win titles.” 
You have had some tough times outside the ring, you seem to be back on track now – how much do you put that down to boxing and training regularly? 
“Boxing has been a big help, kept me very busy and things are looking good so can’t complain.” 
There is a lot of focus on Anthony Joshua at the moment and Tyson Fury is on his way back, no doubt it’s a huge fight but how do you see it going? 
“Joshua is great for boxing and he’s proved himself the real deal. I think Tyson fury is head and shoulders above everyone else when he is on his game. Fury and AJ is the biggest fight going.” 
You are very active on social media and your fans love to interact with you through social media. Is the media side of the sport something you would like to get into at some stage? 
“Yeah after fighting I would love to stay involved in boxing – maybe enter it’s training or media side. I have done some commentary already and it went well. I really enjoyed it.” 
‘Operation White Rhino’ is gaining momentum and you have received huge support from fans, promoter Eddie Hearn and many more – it must mean a lot to you.
“It means a lot to me and I still struggle to believe what’s happened from selling 3 tickets to where I’m at now. It’s mad, it makes me a bit emotional.”
And finally…
How do you see the fight with Lenroy Thomas going? 
“I see a win for myself not sure how and when but I will be Commonwealth champion May 27th.”

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