Tyson Fury Blasts All His Haters

Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury blasts his haters in video recorded from a luxury vehicle that appears to be a Ferrari.

Tyson Fury probably falls into the ‘love him or hate him’ type category for a lot of fans, mostly for his larger than life personality, candidness and perhaps his all round ability to talk on camera.

The past year has been a difficult one for Fury no doubt, but by all accounts judging from his recent social media posts at least, he looks to be getting fit and healthy once again in a bid to make a comeback.

It was reported by Sky Sports this week that Fury returned to the UK for a UKAD hearing which has been delayed again due to legal reasons Robert Smith of the British Boxing Board of Control confirmed.

That means that the wait for a Fury return to the ring could go on a while but as a positive for him, it will give him more time to get back in shape and ready for when he does come back.

Fury comes in for a lot of heated discussion online and his willingness to respond to fans online makes him perhaps more accessible than most.

Speaking this week from his Ferrari alongside some of his kids Tyson Fury blasts his haters in this post and clip on his Instagram account: