Teddy Atlas Rips Into Deontay Wilder’s Weaknesses

Renowned trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas rips Deontay Wilder here in this critique of skills and areas he feels he falls short in.

Teddy Atlas is a man known for his passion and insight on boxing.

He often likes to shoot directly in his analysis as he sees things, not worried about sparring feelings or upsetting others at times.

His passionate speeches and rants are legendary in their own right.

Perhaps his most well known recent one that sticks out was when he coached former world champion Tim Bradley and could be heard screaming at Bradley in between rounds during one fight:

“We are firemen!”

Atlas was also one of the very early trainers to Mike Tyson when the former heavyweight champion was just a youngster.

Atlas guided Tyson through much of his early development in the Catskills in New York under instruction from legendary trainer Cus D’Amato.

We stumbled upon this clip of Teddy Atlas laying into some of the current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s boxing skills here:

What do you think? Do you agree?

Deontay last boxed against Gerald Washington earlier this year and scored another stoppage victory to extend his unbeaten record.

Unification heavyweight title bouts could now be in play for Wilder next up, particularly with all the change in the heavyweight division at the moment.

An Anthony Joshua showdown would surely be one that would capture the imaginations of fight fans on either side of the pond.

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