Leaked Clip Of Chavez Partying With Women In Hotel Room After Canelo Fight

Julio Chavez partying in a hotel room with many women following his defeat to Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr might be still licking his wounds from last weekend’s defeat to Mexican boxing rival Canelo Alvarez but at least he had a good night afterwards, it appears.

Chavez was fighting Canelo in Las Vegas and ultimately dropped a shut out unanimous points decision in a one sided bout.

Afterwards multiple videos emerged of Chavez Jr understandably enjoying himself after a tough few months of training camp.

One clip however has been posted by an unknown user that appears to show Chavez wasted on a bed surrounded by many beautiful women:

It’s a tough life, eh? 🙂

Since the clip was posted, Chavez’ wife has told ESPN Deportes that her husband met a British man on the Monday after the fight that ignited the massive party leading up to the time of the clip above.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there however.

Chavez’ wife has also said that her husband was robbed by the women of his $40,000 watch, his check from the Canelo fight and his phone from the MGM hotel room he was staying in.

From a boxing perspective, it will be interesting to see what weight or who Chavez faces next after such a comprehensive defeat to Canelo.

Perhaps another move up in weight might be on the cards.